Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bizarre Reports On Pakistan Madrassa Bombing

ABC yesterday was reporting that its sources were claiming the bombing was from an American Predator drone. The bombing was purportedly an attempt to kill Al Qaeda No. 2 Ayman Al Zawahiri but, instead, resulted in the death of some 80 people attending the madrassa. ABC raises the issue as to whether this was an October surprise that was missed.

Though the ABC piece was up midday yeesterday, the New York Times was reporting late last night that the strike was the work of Pakistani helicopters and that the Pakistanis were claiming to have killed some high level Al Qaeda targets.

We've heard these claims before when a prior American airstrike killed numerous civilians, including women and children. Then the initial claim was that Zawahiri had been killed ... then, after admitting that was not true, they claimed to have killed Abu Kabbab and posted a pic of him (but the pic turned out to be that of Abu Hamza, a nutjob cleric in London) ... then there was an admission that they had no evidence to support the claim of Al Qaeda deaths but continued to claim the unsubstantiated deaths anyway.


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