Monday, February 12, 2007

A Return of the Agreed Framework with North Korea?

One of the things Bush did early on in office was to gut the "agreed framework" with North Korea --- a deal which allowed for the presence of nuclear monitors in North Korea in exchange for heating fuel and help in creating other energy sources including nuclear energy. The right hated it - as it does all things Clinton. It was derided as "appeasement" and "extortion."

Yet, it was very effective in halting a North Korean nuclear weapons program. Since its been gone, there can be little doubt but that NK's nuclear weapons technology - especially with regard to plutonium - has grown.

Facing that growing danger, the Bush administration has apparently reached some form of tentative deal with North Korea. And while all the deatails of the "tentative" deal are yet to be released, it does appear to once again have us providing them with energy resources.

Does anybody not thiink it would've been a good idea to have worked within the confines of the agreed framework all along and have kept North Korea's nuclear technology in a much more undeveloped state?


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