Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Losing the Forgotten War

The New York Times has this excellent analysis on how the war in Afghanistan is worsening.

Insurgency related deaths and attacks are continuing to increase. With the American and NATO troops we have, we continue to hold the cities but cannot hold the countryside.

I believe we can still win in Afghanistan, but we need to redeploy troops and resources there as soon as possible. Every day we allow the insurgency to gain a new toe hold, we make the work of saving Afghanistan much more difficult.


  • Do you actually believe that in the long term, the US presence will make a damn bit of difference? History reminds us that the British and the Russians ultimately suffered defeats, as will the US.
    Secondly, Where the hell is the rest of the world, most of whom are much closer to the danger than we? Why are they not pouring theit money and young soldiers into the conflict?
    We cannot afford this protracted conflict, especially with bumper crops in narcotics and millions of angry warriors in the adjacent country willing to die for the cause of seeing the infidels driven out of their and adjoining land.
    Isn't this something that the locals need to shoulder on their own?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:49 AM  

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