Monday, August 29, 2005

Follow Up: 36 Dead Iraqis Allegedly the Work of Government Death Squad

Though it doesn't involve a blond woman, I'm sure Nancy Grace and Greta Van Sustern will have reports on tonight about the 36 Iraqi men who were killed execution-style in a mass slaying. Certainly the rightwing blogosphere will be abuzz given their new found abhorrence of mass killings in Iraq.

Just to lend a hand, here's the latest fromthe Associated Press on this case:

A leader of Iraq's largest Sunni political group blamed Shiite-led security forces Monday for the deaths of 36 Sunnis found shot in the head and said such acts could have unforeseen consequences.

Tarek al-Hashimi, secretary-general of the Iraqi Islamic Party, said the Sunnis were abducted by squads in police uniforms from Baghdad's northern neighborhood of Hurriyah. Their bodies were discovered last week in a dry riverbed south of the capital.

Is this the humanitarianism the right is so proud of bringing to Iraq?


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