Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Conservatives! Please Boycott San Francisco

Kos has a piece up on San Francisco values.

Here's a snippet:

But let's talk about "San Francisco values", you know -- tolerance, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Since O'Reilly boycotts everything he hates, I look forward to his boycott of all Bay Area-origin products. Same with every conservative who bashes San Francisco and the Bay Area. So no iPods or anything Apple. No HP computers. No Google. No Yahoo. No eBay. Those conservative bloggers using Blogspot, MovableType, or TypePad? Sorry. Those products are Bay Area-based.

Also no Adobe or Macromedia products. No computers, either, since most run on AMD or Intel. No tax preparation using Intuit products. Cancel your Netflix subscription. Cancel your TiVo subscription. Remove your Network Associates or Symantec virus protection software from your computer. Unplug your Netgear wifi router.

Don't wear Levis (or any kind of jeans), Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, or buy your kids Gymboree. Avoid LeapFrog learning toys. Boycott Pixar movies. Boycott any movie using George Lucas' ILM special effects shop. Stay away from Treos and other Palm devices. Don't let Charles Schwab manage your portfolio. Don't bank at Wells Fargo.

Yeah, those "San Francisco values" sure are dragging the region down. Making it weak as it falls behind the rest of the country -- the parts that don't share "San Francisco values" -- economically and socially.

So let's hope conservatives do boycott San Francisco. It'll set them further back into the Stone Age.

I actually had the good fortune of living in SF for three years. It's a great place to visit and live ... well, if you can afford it.


  • Unfortunately your argument is weakened by some of the logic used. You mention all the great things San Francisco has done for the country while using Bay Area companies to back up your argument.

    It may have been a while since you lived in SF, but the Bay Area is a lot bigger area than just San Francisco and many of us in the Bay Area and outside of San Francisco would tend to disagree with you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:35 PM  

  • Oh ... so your telling us tolerance ends at the SF City limit? There are none of them homo - sex - u - als working Silicon Valley or Emeryville?

    Dude, here's a tip for ya. Try and live off of products endorsed by the Reverand Dobson and see how fun that life is.

    By Blogger Macswain, at 5:00 PM  

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