Monday, December 04, 2006

How Many Times A Day in Baghdad?

Remember this chilling picture from 1979 post-Shah Iran. It won the Pulitzer Prize but the photographer has long been anonymous ... until today.

In the last day, another 50 bodies bearing signs of torture and execution were found in Iraq.

And the sides we have taken ... well our "friends", Jalal Talabani (Iraq's Presidant and one of its two top Kurdish leaders) and Abdul Aziz al Hakim (the head of SCIRI, the large Shiite faction which controls much of the South) rejected Kofi Annan's call for an international conference for ending the sectarian violence swarming over Iraq.

Apparently, since most of the slaughter is happening in the center of the country and because any conference would focus undoubtedly on a more equitable power sharing arrangement, these two strong men are quite content with the status quo.


  • BAGHDAD, Iraq - Ten American servicemembers were killed in two improvised explosive device attacks in Iraq on Wednesday, NBC News reported. The news came hours after a mortar attack killed at least eight people and wounded dozens in the Sadr City Shiite district of the capital, police said.

    In the 10 American deaths, five troops were killed in the north, and five were killed in Anbar province, a U.S. military official told NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski. No further details were immediately available.

    The mortar attack in Sadr City was followed closely by a suicide bombing, police said.

    Is there any silver lining in the US mission into Iraq?

    If you have any belief in "karma", you cannot help but feel that the US of A has some serious debts to pay for this fiasco!

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    check it out.

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