Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Media Pimps For Right On Terror Plots

A few weeks ago, we had an actual bomb - a real, live imminent threat - left near a women's health clinic that performed abortions in Austin, Texas. The terrorist or terrorists involved remain at large.

Media: Yawn.

Then came the Alabama militiamen who had stockpiled weapons allegedly in a plot to shoot Mexicans.

Media: Bury it!

Now we have word that 6 muslims accused of planning an attack on US soldiers at Fort Dix. Admittedly, they posed no imminent threat.

Media: Holy Shit!!! The sky is falling!!! Red Alert!!!

Now obviously all three stories deserve coverage. But shouldn't the emphasis of the coverage be based on issues of imminence and the actual level of threat involved. Hell, the Texas terrorist(s) remains at large. Instead, the media shows its bias by emphasizing the one story that the right wants to exploit for political gain.


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