Monday, July 02, 2007

Ace's Lament: "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Ban 'Em"

Last Thursday, I posted a piece ridiculing a post by righty nutter Ace of Spades advocating the construction of an Israeli-style security wall along the entire border between Mexico and the U.S. My post was linked to be Crooks & Liars (thanks to Cernig) and became a high traffic piece.

On Friday, Ace did what some righties do when faced with a strong substantive challenge ... he banned me from his comments section.

This is just further evidence of my theory that for most Righty blogs, this is not an open, intellectual and principled discourse but about being part of - and hopefully getting paid for - being part of a rightwing, PR, spin machine.

Like some many Rethugs, Ace, when confronted with a difficult debate, seeks to limit criticism or different viewpoints.

He now has joined the thin-skinned, scared-of-debate Hall of Shame:

Ace of Spades aka the unsightly man who mocks others' looks

Patterico aka the Blogger Equivalent of Mike Nifong

Rightwingsparkle aka Bubblehead Bushie

Now, I'm off to expose more posers.


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