Sunday, July 30, 2006


The New York Times has the story on the latest slaughter of civilians in Lebanon; an Israeli bombing of a civilian residence in Qana.

Maybe Condi can go to those kids' funerals and tell us about how necessary their deaths were.

I, on the other hand, believe a war crimes investigation should be had into both the acts of Hezbollah in raining down rockets on civilian populations as well as into the acts of Israel's ongoing bombings of civilians and UN peacekeepers.

Friday, July 28, 2006

What's Better About Today Than Two Weeks Ago?

Bush & Blair finally got off their asses today and called for a ceasefire in Southern Lebanon.

Will the media have the courage to ask why now and not two weeks ago?

Has the delay in calling for this ceasefire had any positive effect? Is Hezebollah any less powerful or, in fact, more so?

I'll tell you what's worse because of the delay ... hundreds of dead civilians. Maybe Bush thinks the dead can rest easy knowing they gave their lives to bolster Bush and Condi's internal political strategies here in the U.S.

I'll also give you another issue the traditional American media is afraid to cover ... whether our blind support for Israel has actually increased the dangers being faced by our troops in Iraq? I've heard the number of attacks has jumped and one must wonder if these are coming from Shiites sympathetic to Hezbollah or angered over the deaths of Lebanese civilians.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Republican Senator Norm Coleman's 81 year old dad was BUSTED having sex in a car with 38 year old Patrizia Marie Schrag.

Any bets on whether she goes by a pseudonym like Honey or Jazzmin?

No doubt, the old man was just celebrating the Minnesota Twins' run of good fortune.

Twins Sweep!!!

The Mac Dogs, aka Minnesota Twins, continued their incredible run by completing a three-game sweep of the Whitesox ... in effing Chicago.

They've now tied the Sox and are only a 1/2 game behind the Skankees in the wild card race.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Maybe ... just maybe ... something positive can come out of Israel's bombing of the UN Peacekeepers.

Maybe ... just maybe ... this incident can be the impetus of a successful push for an overdue ceasefire.

The hundreds of deaths of hundreds of Lebanese civilians and tens of Israeli civilians wasn't considered sufficient but its hard to hide behind a "human shield" argument when UN Peacekeepers are blown out of a well-known observation tower.

Now since I'm searching for a silver lining. Let's look at some other signs for hope ...

The New York Times reported that Israel is apparently willing to accept an international peacekeeping force on the Lebanese border. This represents a sea change for Israel which has long opposed such forces.

Another important concession from Israel is its apparent willingness to include the Sheeba Farms issue on the table. What? You are not aware of the Sheeba Farms issue? Well, get on over to Liberal Oasis and read Bill Sher's excellent work on this issue here and especially here.

Finally, Kevin Drum has some hopeful news of a possible breakthrough on the also-raging Gaza incursion.

Check it all out.

I am cautios as all the signs of hope come solely in the form of words while today's actions have continued this human catastrophe.

Condi's Honor

After Condi's visit with Israel's PM Ehud Olmert, it was announced that Israel would immediately allow humanitarian assistance into southern Lebanon.

That was all Condi desired ... to leave the Middle East with some - any - feather in her cap.

Indeed, her spokesperson stressed that we not trivialize this humanitarian assistance.

Well, today we see that Condi and Ehud's definition of humanitarian aid is a lil different than most people's.

Let's not trivialize this, Condi.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bombing Civilians

Hezbollah is committing war crimes by shooting rockets into civilian areas.

There does not seem to be a factual divide on that issue.

There is a large divide regarding Israel's actions.

Giving lie to the spin that Isral is only targeting Hezbollah, two stories are up - one from CNN and the other from the BBC - regarding Israel's bombing of civilians in Southern Lebanon.

The People of Lebanon are being punished generally and the civilians in Southern Lebanon are being punished specifically by Israel for the acts of Hezbollah. Like Hezbollah's rockets, Israel's attacks on civilians deserve our criticism.

Read both pieces. Here's a snippet from the CNN piece:

Standing in front of this 8-year-old boy lying in a hospital bed, the "conflict in the Middle East" and the "cost of war" seem endless and suffocating. His pain cannot possibly be imagined as he shakes uncontrollably in and out of shock. He has blood coming from his eyes.

His name is Mahmood Monsoor and he is horribly burned. In the hospital bed next to him is his 8-month-old sister, Maria -- also burned. Screaming at the top of her lungs is the children's mother, Nuhader Monsoor. She is standing over her baby, looking at her son -- and probably thinking of her dead husband. The smell of burned flesh is overwhelming.

UPDATE: The New York Times has also weighed in with another tale of Israeli violence directed at a Lebanese family.

Muntaha Shaito’s eyes rolled back as the paramedics screamed at her to stay awake and implored her son Ali to keep her engaged, as she teetered near death from shrapnel wounds inflicted by an Israeli rocket.

“Pray to God!,” one paramedic shouted at her as she writhed in Ali’s arms.

“Don’t go to sleep Mama, look at me!,” Ali shouted, tears streaking his bloodied face. “Don’t die, please don’t die!”

* * * *

“They said leave, and that’s what we did,” said Musbah Shaito, another uncle, as his niece, Heba, 16, cried hysterically behind him for her dead father, whose head was nearly blown off. This reporter watched as paramedics struggled to remove the dead from the van, but soon gave up, as an Israeli drone hovered overhead.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Support The Troops ... Or The Chain Of Command

A bombshell story is breaking in which four of the soldiers charged with murder in the Salahuddin slayings of three Iraqi men claim they were under orders to "kill all military age men."

Remember when the soldiers at Abu Ghraib pointed the finger up the chain of command. We saw how quickly the curtain dropped for many righties as they turned on the soldiers and fought tooth and nail to protect the chain of command.

Progress In Iraq

In the western portion of the Queens Borough in New York, power has been out for five days and appears to be days away from being restored.

This just serves to show us that things really aren't so bad in Iraq.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Karnit Goldwasser On What Should Be Common Sense

CNN posts tonight on the hopes of Karnit Goldwasser, the newlywed wife of one of the two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah:

Karnit, a newlywed, said there has been enough violence.

"We want the killing to be stopped, both in Israel and in Lebanon. We want everything to be back as it was before, no killing, no kidnapping, we want them back home."

We should all join her call for no more killing.

Peace won't come with a bomb or a bullett; every time a militia or an army kills other human beings, especially innocent civilians, that group only serves to fill other families and other groups of friends with rage and a desire for revenge.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush Creates Perpetual 9/11 Machine

Alas, a connection between Iraq and 9/11.

With over 3,000 violent deaths in Iraq last month, Bush can take credit for bringing the massive sorrow Americans felt on 9/11 to the Iraqis ... played out month after month, horrible day after horrible day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What Are We Doing In Iraq?

With 3,149 deaths being officially reported just in June ...

it is clear we are not providing security in Iraq.

I suspect, with the upcoming U.S. elections, the White house, Pentagon and U.S. military commanders are playing it safe so as to keep the military fatalities down even at the cost of massive Iraqi death.

No withdrawal but no realistic attempt to do the job of providing security either.

It's the policy of "stay & do nothing."

Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel Smashes Bush's Vase ... Bush Shrugs ... Apparently Didn't Really Like That Vase

Remember how the Bushies and their rightwing enablers were crowing about the "Cedar Revolution" and how Lebanon reflected the broad benefits of iinvading Iraq.

Well, not so much anymore.

Israel has seen fit to hold the whole of Lebanon responsible for Hezbollah's killing of eight and abduction of two IDF soldiers by killing more than 70 Lebanese civilians including, at least, 10 children (which in no way justifies Hezbollah's atrocious rocket attacks on Israeli innocents which have killed 4 including a grandmother and her young grandson).

The Lebanese government that Bush was recently so fond of is coming undone.

So is Bush pissed at Israel's disproportionate and misdirected response?

Hell no ... he has refused to call for a ceasefire and has only called for deaths to be minimized. That's disgusting. No one knows what minimized deaths are, but everyone knows the statement green lights killing.

And everyone now also knows that Bush and Condi's PR spin about Lebanon was just so much politically convenient bullshit.

A call for the end of all violence in Lebanon and Gaza is overdue and that call must be to all involved.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

General Lucy & The Pie Machine

The New York Times posts an article headlined General Sees Need for More U.S. Forces in Baghdad.

On Sunday, a Shia militia executed a brazen attack in which its men, in broad daylight, cordoned off a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad and pulled Sunni men, women and children from their cars and homes killing more than 40 and wounding scores more. The response to this incident by American forces and Iraqi police was - to be charitable - slow. Now General Casey acknowledges - duh - that more troops are needed in Baghdad to provide security.

Yet, notice that the article does not say where Casey intends to get the extra troops. I doubt he is calling for more troops to be brought into Iraq so I assume he is talking about moving troops from other parts of Iraq to Baghdad. This will simply result in other pies hitting the floor or, in other words, where we are not present to keep the security, insecurity will arise.

Props, though, to General Casey for openly taking on both the Sunnis and Shiites involved in the sectarian violence - referring to them as "terrorists and death squads." Maybe the Right can finally concede the existence of Shiite death squads with connections to the Iraqi government. Yet, mere recognition of a problem isn't a solution and I fail to see how moving troops around will confront the awesome problem of Iraqi militias.

I would also note Zalmay Khalilzad's stark assessment that "communal bloodshed was now the single biggest challenge to American and Iraqi forces, overtaking the three-year-old Sunni Arab insurgency as the biggest source of instability." That'll make a Righty's head spin. Remember when we were being rocked to sleep with the calm reassurance that the violence in Iraq was simply the result of some dead-ender Baathists going through their final death throes.

Now we get this disturbing thought - "communal bloodshed" has overtaken insurgency.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mac's Emmy Nominations


Chloe Sevigny - Big Love
Jeanne Tripplehorn - Big Love
Ginnifer Goodwin - Big Love


Bill Paxton - Big Love


Harry Dean Stanton - Big Love
Matt Ross - Big Love

New Third Party!!!

I shit you not ... it's called "Connecticut For Lieberman."

Now where would us liberals get the idea that Joe's being a Senator is all about Joe.

Terror Attack Kills 41! Terrorists Remain At Large!

From ABC News:

Masked Shiite gunmen roamed through west Baghdad's Jihad neighborhood Sunday, dragging Sunnis from their cars, picking them out on the street and killing them in a rampage that police said killed 41 people in a dramatic escalation of sectarian violence.

Oh ... my bad ... it was Shiites slaughtering Sunni men, women & children. Move along ... nothing to see ... and definitely not terrorism.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The initial count in Mexico's Presidential election had Calderon beating Lopez Obrador by 1 percent.

Claims of fraud led to the "discovery" of over 2.5 million votes that went uncounted which apparently leaned toward Lopez Obrador and reduced Calderon's lead in the preliminary account from 1 percent to .6 of 1 percent.

The recount currently under way has Lopez Obrador up by 2.2 percent with 75% of the precincts counted.

Regardless of who the Mexicans select for their new President, let's hope for a credible result.

UPDATE: Wow!!! Watching the election results trickle in is better than a Mexican soap opera ... as of 9:21 pst, Lopez Obrador's lead has shrunk to .98 of a percentage point with 92.3 of the precincts counted.

UPDATE NO. 2: 10:07 pm pst - the lead is down to .77 with 93.67 reporting. That is a huge swing --- a .21 switch in the now massive totals after only an additional 1.37 percent of precincts being counted.

UPDATE NO. 3: With 99.5 of precincys reporting, Calderon has passed Lopez Obrador and leads by .44 percent. An amazing swing of a full percent in the last 5 percent of reporting precincts.

Plagarism Problem For Trann Coulter

Justin Rood over at TPM Muckraker has the latest on Coulter's lil plagarism problem and how her publisher appears willing to look the other way.

Is she done?

Here's a shot of her from her days as a brunette: