Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bush on North Korea: "Oops"

Remember how all the conservatives blew a gasket when some evidence came to light that North Korea was looking at going behind the back of the agreed framework of 1994 with a uranium enrichment program. We warned the Bushistas to not pull out of the agreed framework because any uranium program was likely decades away from producing a nuclear weapon. We urged them to not be idiots and lose sight of the bigger picture --- the Agreed Framework's effective measures preventing production of plutonium based nukes.

Well, of course, as in all things, Bush took the route of the complete fucking idiot.

Now the New York Times is reporting that American intelligence officials are backing away from assessments made in the early years of the Bush administration and "admitting to doubts about how much progress the uranium enrichment program has actually made." In the article, Senator Jake Reed hints that the Bushies confused ambitions with accomplushments. Of course, in doing so, the stop gaps on the plutonium program were removed and it's uniformly believed that North Korea has cranked out a slew of plutonium bombs.


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