Friday, May 18, 2007

Immigration Reform

Looks like a compromise that virtually no one can fully understand has been reached on immigration reform.

Here is some of the little I know so far. It has an amnesty program fraught with numerous hurdles certain to frustrate more than assist. (Do these Richie Richies know how hard it will be for a working class immigrant to come up with $5,000?)

It has a guest worker program which sounds more employer friendly than worker friendly.

For citizenship, it focuses less on family and more on societal success (standards that don't seem to include having done hard, back breaking work for little pay).

So the question remains for a pro-immigration liberal like myself (and, yes, I'm aware that liberals aren't all on the same page as me on this issue), is it a worthy start that should be supported or does supporting this legislation block the ability to get something better in the future?

One undeniably good thing about it is that its causing a lot of the nutters' heads to explode.


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