Sunday, July 15, 2007

Death By A Thousand Cuts

O Dub has fired another shot in his personal battle to take down Osama Bin Laden. He's been putting together a JustHottie Army to fight the Jihadis. Today, he posted this picture of Osama's niece, Wafah Dufour:

No doubt, that left a mark on the stanky, lanky one. Thankfully, somebody's finally being proactive in going after the guy we all wanted to get after 9/11.


  • Please give us an update on the status of the search for the two out of three American service men abducted in Iraq about three-four weeks ago. Were they ever found?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 AM  

  • No. And it appears the military quietly pulled back from continuing a self-destructive search as I suggested be done.

    I was criticized by a righty at the time for making that suggestion. Haven't seen any criticism of the military for pulling back the massive search effort.

    Though I hope for a miracle, I think its likely that the two who weren't found have likely suffered the same fgate as the third who was found dead. Maupin and Al Taie, two other soldiers who went missing and have never been found, are likely dead as well. Though with any hope, I would be surprised if we didn't have some resources assigned to monitoring intelligence, etc. for any chance of finding these four soldiers.

    By Blogger Macswain, at 9:49 AM  

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