Saturday, September 03, 2005

Deaths Due to Indifference, Not Hurricane

Remember in the days immediately following 9/11 how we were getting body counts and missing persons counts 24/7.

For some reason, we aren't getting that to the same extent with NOLA.

But, instead, it appears we will start getting that info bit by painful bit.

Here is a piece detailing a few tragic instances. What caught my eye in particular was the following:

Three babies died at the New Orleans Convention Center from heat exhaustion, said Mark Kyle, a medical relief provider.

These babies didn't die because of a hurrican or a breech in a levee. We could have saved them. Face it, they died due to an indifferent response from our government. This is inexcusable and for these three deaths alone, there needs to be accountability.

Did a single person die on 9/11 due to government indifference during the aftermath of the tragedy? Not one of which I'm aware. How did we actually get to the point where things are worse?


  • One other problem that the retardlicans are going to face after this is that there is no boogieman to scare us with. (Well, they'll try to use racism, but I don't think it'll work.) They can't say it's a time to unite against a common enemy and not be divisive by pointing out that they are incompetent and indifferent.

    I hope the media (and the idiot democrats) will get off their a**es and hold the Bush administration accountable. After all, the office of homeland security was created and the secretary appointed by Bush. Poll after poll showed that part of the reason Bush was re-elected was that he was supposed to make us safer. Do you feel safer in the face of an attack on American soil? Do you feel like his administration handled this situation well?

    By Anonymous Nathan, at 2:21 PM  

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