Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Dutch & The Swedes Lead Fight for Justice on Human Rights Abuse

Good news on the human rights front!

The Netherlands had earlier agreed to host the trial of former Liberian strongman Charles Taylor and now Sweden has agreed to imprison him if he is convicted.

Bringing human rights abusers, like Taylor, to justice is no easy feat. In Taylor's case, a trial in Sierra Leone or Liberia ran a huge risk of destabilization given that he still has supporters throughout the region, including many in the Liberian parliament. The Netherlands stepped up to allow the trial there so as to avoid the impression that Taylor's prosecution is merely a matter of local political retribution.

One need merely think of how the Amins, Duvaliers and Pinochets of the past were able to escape justice for so long to realize what a sea change has occurred in order to bring today's abusers to trial.

Thanks to the good people of Holland and Sweden for being great members of an international community opposed to human rights abuse.


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