Thursday, September 21, 2006

Torture In Iraq Worse Than Saddam?

The BBC reports on the UN's latest human rights report from Iraq. Here's a portion from the BBC report:

The UN report says detainees' bodies often show signs of beating using electrical cables, wounds in heads and genitals, broken legs and hands, electric and cigarette burns.

Bodies found at the Baghdad mortuary "often bear signs of severe torture including acid-induced injuries and burns caused by chemical substances".

Many bodies have missing skin, broken bones, back, hands and legs, missing eyes, missing teeth and wounds caused by power drills or nails, the UN report says.

Victims come from prisons run by US-led multinational forces as well as by the ministries of interior and defence and private militias, the report said.

The most brutal torture methods were employed by private militias, Mr Nowak told journalists.

The UN's antitorture expert notes that because of the dangerous situation in Iraq, he has not been able to leave the Green Zone for a first hand examination of the bodies at the morgue but is basing his report on autopsies and witnesses interviewed in Jordan.

As critical as it was for USAID and other organizations to collect the evidence of human rights abuses under Saddam; what are we doing now to verify and/or preserve evidence of the current torture regimen.


  • There is an advertising campaign spreading throughout the middle east which says " Be nice to America, or it will impose democracy on you too."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:15 AM  

  • The Amazing thing, to me, is that there's even a debate as to whether or not this is acceptable. We're the United Freakin' States of America... we're supposed to be the good guys, right? Good God...

    By Blogger Trish Egan & Harold Phillips, at 10:08 AM  

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