Monday, November 06, 2006

Roboscum Republicans

Kevin Drum and Matt Stoller have the breakdown on the Republicans coordinated dirty tricks campaign that is taking place in tight contests around the country.

Here's an example from BlueJersey as to how it works:

Sources in Bergen County are reporting that an autodial robocall is being made that starts out sounding like a positive Bob Menendez message. If you hang up, it repeatedly calls you back. If you listen all the way to the end, it finishes by saying that Menendez is an embezzler and under criminal investigation.

This is a voter suppression tactic being used nationwide by the GOP. Initially callers will think they are hearing a call from the Menendez campaign asking for support. If they hang up, it will repeatedly call them back. The intention is to annoy the voter so much that they no longer support the candidate. For those who actually listen to the entire call, they are presented with a series of lies and smears against Menendez, also with the intention of suppressing turnout. It's a win-win tactic for them.

The Repugs are apparently doing this in as many as 53 races.

So where's the media on this attempt by Republicans to once again subvert democracy? Being fair and balanced by not reporting it.


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