Monday, February 05, 2007

Mystery Solved In Gavin Newsom Affair

He's going in for alcohol "counseling." I guess that is short of rehab ... you get the political distraction without the hassle of hunkering down over the sob stories of other alcoholics.

Well done, Mr. Newsom. It's that Ol' Debil Alcohol to blame.

And for those counting, ODub provides tis convenient list:

* Mel Gibson had rum turn him into a raving anti-semite!
* Lindsay Lohan was attacked by alcohol and it disrupted her film "work"
* Al-cohol agents are at the top of the suspect list for Isaiah Washington's latest bout of homophobia
* Miss USA turned into a skanky slut just after liquor touched her pouty lips
* Al-Cohol agents forced Mark Foley into a life of sin and lust

Don't forget Bob Ney. And I'm sure there's more.


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