Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SAMs Over Baghdad

With 6 copters going down in Iraq over roughly two weeks, the military rushed to quell any fear of a major new danger to our troops. They attributed al but one of the downings to mechanical failure or small arms fire. Only one, they claimed, was downed by a surface-to-air missile. The increase was the result of changing tactics by the insurgents.

Were we really supposed to believe they didn't direct small arms fire at copters before?

Well now a video has come to light through some nutjob insurgent-lovin' website of one of the copters downed, as the military claimed, due to mechanical failure. The only problem is that you can see what appears to be a missile striking the copter. In fact, the military has now backtracked and admitted the cop[ter was not downed due to mechanical failure.

So the question must be asked: Are the insurgents now obtaining and using SAMs so as to decrease our ability to use helicopters over Iraq? If so, where are they coming from - black market? Iran (not likely if its Sunni insurgents)? Or even Saudi Arabia?


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