Thursday, July 14, 2005

Free Advertising for Rove at the NY Times & AP

Both the New York Times and the Associated Press ride herd for Karl Rove printing an exculpatory factual spin from a single unnamed source. This isn't journalism. This is selling out to those who seek use of the media pulpit for pure propoganda.

Certainly the leaker is someone acting at Rove's behest ... so why do these "journalists" allow themselves to be used for such blatant spin?

And, of course, they completely miss the backstory. Bush said no comments should be made during the investigation. Yet, his surrogates have been on the airwaves and in print 24/7 in a ferocious attempt to affect public perceptions and bring pressure upon the prosecutor. Yet, these "journalists" who are witnessing this hypocrisy first hand do nothing call the President out.

Bush publicly decries commenting during an ongoing investigation and leaking in general, but he's only allowed to maintain this fake posture because the media actively participates in this ruse.


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