Saturday, July 16, 2005

A "(W)horse with No Name" ... Not!

Last night, the media, including the New York Times, was atwitter with Rove's spin piece ... the one in which he claimed he learned of PLame through a member of the media whom can no longer recall. Let's call it the "(W)horse with No Name" defense.

In the NYT tonight, Doug Jehl shows up to do some actual reporting from his State Department beat. He reveals the 200 lb. Gorilla in the closet (though those following the story closely are already aware of this). The Gorilla is a classified State Department Memo that details the facts that Joseph Wilson's wife is Valerie Wilson, that she works at the CIA and that she played a role in Wilson's trip to Niger. The memo is the Gorilla in the closet because it provides a simple, cogent and reasonable explanation as to where White House staffers (& maybe even the president himself) learned the classified info that was ultimately revealed by Novack in his July 14 article. Colin Powell, for reasons unstated but easy to adduce, took the memo with him, days after Wilson's NYT editorial appeared. He took the memo on Air Force One on the president's trip to Africa that set sail on July 7th.

Now you can either believe Rove's "(W)horse with No Name" defense or you can believe that Rove got the classified info from the State Dept memo that was with him mere days after Wilson's piece ran and mere days before the beans started spilling all over Washington.

I think the band America got it right ... you have to be suffering drug induced hallucinations to believe in the horse with no name.


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