Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oprah Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day

Never again.

Today Oprah took those words to heart. The systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews is something we can never forget. A modern holocaust is now happening in Africa and we must honor those killed at places such as Aushwitz by standing up to further acts of genocide happening in places like the Darfur.

Oprah's show today focused on the modern tragedies that are taking place in Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, the Congo and the Darfur region of Sudan.

Just in the Darfur, it is believed some 200,000 people have died as a result of the violent unrest mainly being perpetrated by the Arab Janjaweed militia. 2 million Sudanese, mainly ethnic Black Africans, have been displaced ... and malnutrition amongst the displaced is on the rise. This is a critical time for action.

Oprah does a lot of good. Her book club has been a huge boon for good literature. Today she did another good thing, using her platform to raise consciousness of this all important issue. In fact, it's a life and death issue. Thank you, Oprah, for honoring Holocaust Remembrance Day in a most befitting manner.

Simply talking about it is one way to raise the profile of this issue and to give our government the political capital necessary to take more action. Oprah has also provided a list of charities for those who can donate to organizations providing assistance to the victims of these horrible tragedies. The International Rescue Committee is on the frontline providing immediate survival assistance at the massive refugee camps growing in the area of the border between Sudan and Chad.

Never forget and never again.


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