Friday, September 22, 2006

George Felix Allen ROCKS!!!

Sensible conservative John Cole has it about right on the political importance of George Allen's Jewish ancestry:

Who cares?

Whether he is Jewish, or whether he may have not stated he was Jewish is all water under the bridge. None of that changes that he has some pretty sketchy associations with clearly racist folks, none of that changes that he is beholden to the Chrisianist religious right and parrots their rhetoric comfortably and openly, and none of that changes the fact that he is wrong on torture, wrong on virtually every issue, and shouldn’t be the next President, much less a Senator.

So let’s please keep that in mind and stop the crazy talk.

But dude, c'mon ... your missing the whole comedy gold thing going on here.

In the comedic void this country had lapsed into desperately awaiting the returns of My Name is Earl and The Office, George Allen stumbled forward and presented a "Look at me, I'm an Idiot" routine that supplied America with a gut-busting, laugh out loud relief.

The comedic subtelty of the "mom's got a bit of Spanish in her" was pure genius. And who can't appreciate the whole ham sandwiches and pork chops bit brilliantly timed with his acknowledgment of Jewish ancestry.


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