Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hide & Seek the Sequel

Bush today announced that he will release the NIE ... in part.

This, of course, is what Bush did with the Iraq-WMD NIE in the run-up to the 2002 elections. He redacted numerous portions that questioned or qualified the assessments.

The hatchet job was all discovered much later and was so poorly covered by the media that most people are probably unaweare of the dirty trick at all.

The only question here is - will the media fall for this stunt a second time?

It now also turns out that there is a second NIE on Iraq that the administration is gaming by not technically calling it an NIE (thereby avoiding Congressional reporting requirements). Who will have the courage to call the Bushies out on this obsessive hide-the-ball gamesmanship that is damaging and demeaning to a transparent society and a full factual debate of the issues critical to Ameriucan security.


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