Monday, October 02, 2006

To Save A Predator: It's Always About Power & Money

While CNN was playing up GOP spin that their leaders were outraged at the Foley story, the New York Times and Washington Post were breaking stories that the Republican leadership - specifically Hastert, Reynolds and Boehner - had known of some of Foleys activities for months and had actually turned a blind eye toward the whole unsavory event.

Now, I don't believe that any of these guys actually favor ignoring predatory behavior in general, so the question is why would they do so here?

And just as I was readying to type --- I noticed that Markos had already said what I was thinking.

The GOP is facing a tough reelection with history, Bush, and their own incompetence weighing down their chances. The DCCC has had a banner fundraising and candidate recruitment year. And suddenly, Foley faces the GOP's worst nightmare in Tim Mahoney -- a Democratic challenger who 1) was a former Republican, and 2) is worth $8 gazillion and can self-fund his race. Mahoney announced his candidacy October 12, 2005, right around the time the House leadership was trying to figure out what to do about Foley's predatory practices.

Without Foley on the ticket, not only would the GOP suddenly face a competitive contest in a relatively safe district, but it would cost them $2-3 million to defend -- money that they no longer have available.

So they made a decision. They were going to look the other way despite knowing about Foley's predatory actions against the House's pages, and in return, Foley would keep them one seat closer to the majority and save them millions.

Forget about Foley. He's done. What's incredible about this scandal is the lengths this Republican Party will go to maintain their majorities. We already knew that power trumped everything for these guys. But coddling a child predator merely to save some cash and protect a single House seat.

On the brightside, a friend notes "Who Better?" Who better than Foley to draft legislation regarding internet stalking. Yet, if he's like the typical Republican, he is certain to have drafted the legislation with an eye on leaving himself a few loopholes.


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