Friday, September 30, 2005


Paris Hilton is once again available to make a sex tape.

I love the cliffhanger at the end of the AP's report:

Latsis gave the 24-year-old hotel heiress a 24 carat, $5 million diamond engagement ring. It was not immediately clear what would happen to the ring.

Oooooo ... I smell reality TV hit, "The Fight for Paris' Bling."

I Know You're Not Supposed to Laugh at Kids ...

But ...

What the fuck is wrong with John Roberts and his wife that they would parade their kids out in public dressed up like that. Yeah right ... he's really in touch with most Americans.

TBogg has more on Roberts' wife.

USC Will Win, Sun Devils Will Cover

After going 3-2 against the spread last week, I evened out my season total to 3-3.

Here's this week's picks:

Despite the fact that ASU's Sam Keller & his high flying offensive stalwarts will put a lot of points on the board, the Trojans better balance will lead them to a 10 point win in Tempe (41-31). But the spread is 17, so put the dough on the Sun Devils.

Look for a nail biter in the Mich-Mich State match-up. The wimnner will kick a late field goal which means the Wolverines will beat the 6 point spread.

Florida's been a bit inconsistent but take them to beat an overrated Alabama team by more than 3.

Virginia Tech proved to be the real deal in their blowout win over a solid Georgia Tech team; give up the 9 points and bet on the Hokies on the road against West Virginia.

My heart will be rooting for the Irish, but my head says Notre Dame has played too many tough games and traveled too many miles. The Irish will lose by more than 3.5 on the road against a redemption-seeking Purdue squad.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


From the Washington Post:

The number of Iraqi army battalions that can fight insurgents without U.S. and coalition help has dropped from three to one, top U.S. generals told Congress yesterday, adding that the security situation in Iraq is too uncertain to predict large-scale American troop withdrawals anytime soon.

How the fuck do two battalions go from fit to unfit, you ask.

Officials did not say specifically why two battalions are no longer rated at Level 1 and thus unable to operate on their own. They said generally readiness ratings can change for numerous reasons, such as if a commander resigns, or if more training is needed. Casey also said that the "Iraqi armed forces will not have an independent capability for some time."


More on How So Many on The Right Just Don't Get Race

Hurricane Katrina exposed in all its cold brutality the complete lack of compassion the Bush administration has for blacks and the poor. The conclusion that "Bush doesn't care about black people" didn't just arise from this one incident. Instead, this incident was the crowning moment of a history of lack of compassion.

The history of a lack of compassion for blacks dates back decades to the wooing of anti-Civil Rights, Southern Democrats to the Republican party and includes Reagan's disrespectful speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi as well as his outright hostility to all civil rights legislation and support of the apartheid regime in South Africa. It was largely Republicans that fought hard against a holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and who smeared Nelson Mandela as a terrorist.

While paying a lot of lip service toward caring for blacks, Bush didn't do anything of substance to distance himself from his party's past hostilities toward blacks. His actions, in fact, embraced this history. For example, he chose Dick Cheney as his Vice President, a man who has one of the worst civil rights records and who was the most vocal opponent of sanctions on South Africa and the call for the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.

Under Bush, black unemployment shot up and blacks have fared disproportionately worse in almost all economic and social categories. Bush constantly uses black children for photo ops but is rarely, if ever, seen discussing policy issues with elected black leaders. In fact, there are zero elected black republicans in Congress or the Senate.

Bush has been a strong opponent of affirmative action. Yet, the group that benefits the most from nonmerit-based advancement in this society is whites through legacy admissions, nepotism, cronyism and inheritance. Though he momentarily muttered some criticism of legacies while on the campaign trail, he has used none of his post election capital to rally against them. Then, of course, Bush has whole heartedly embraced nepotism and cronyism for unqualified whites, e.g. the appointment of Michael Brown as the head of FEMA is just one example.

As opposed to their treatment of whites, the right, as a general rule, place blacks under a microscope. Go to just about any rightwing blog or discussion about affirmative action and you're likely to hear the racist argument that affirmative action hurts all black people by stigmatizing them. One must sadly wonder, they pathetically suggest, whether the blacks they meet in positions of responsibility got their on merit or on the basis of a diversity program. Yet, these same so-worried-about-merit thinkers never ask about all the whites they come across daily who got their job or position of responsibility through the hook-up. The don't talk about walking into a board room and wondering who's there because of connections.

The Right is quick to take Kanye West's statement that "Bush doesn't care about black people" and label it racist. Indeed, to make the case, they'll falsely recast the statement as having West say: "Bush hates black people." and imply that West suggested white people don't care about blacks. Yet, when a righty makes a statement derogatory, insensitive or stereotypical toward blacks, the right will either engage in all sorts of semantic gymnastics to avoid the obvious racism contained in the statement or, more frequently, will sit mum and hope that they simply can get away with ignoring their racism. The silence on Bill Bennett's statement is just one recent example. Two others include the statements of Steven Sailer and Mark Williams in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Sailer has been heralded as a hero by the right for his involvement in the Minutemen Project while Williams has been cheered for his efforts in organizing an Anti-Cindy Sheehan protest in Crawford. I have seen none of these comments derided on the right.

So yes, when Bush was slow to react on a natural disaster that disproportionately effected blacks, and that was followed by his mother's insensitive remarks and Laura's failure to have followed the tragedy close enough to even know the name of the hurricane, I do not find it odd that people reach the conclusion that Bush doesn't care about blacks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How Does This Thought Even Get In Your Head? Bill Bennett Version

Bill Bennett:

But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. So these far-out, these far-reaching, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky.

You can see the quote in its full context here.

Just one more piece of evidence as to how so many on the Right just don't get race.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Economic Integration in the Public Schools

I've long felt that the debate over affirmative action in higher education overshadows the more important debate regarding how best to provide equality of opportunity for a quality education in elementary, middle and high school. The NY Times details an interesting effort at economic integration underway in the public schools of Raleigh, North Carolina that has achieved some dramatic success.


Allawi and Chalabi sitting in a tree, S-TE-A-L-I-N-G.

Apparently they have the same understanding as our Republicans when it comes to fiscal policy.

Fareed Zakaria on Our Nation's Horrible Fiscal Policy

Thanks to Nathan for pointing out this must read regarding the state of our fiscal policy. Shorter Version: Grab all you can while you can.

Media Bias? Photo Coverage of DC Anti-War March

Coming into the march, Liberals want to see wide angle shots showing the size of the crowd. Conservatives, hoping to marginilize the event, want close-ups hopefully of some of the more colorful folks certain to show up who they can then mislabel & smear as whackjobs.

Let's see what we got at the internet media sites (at approx. 6 pm est):

CNN (w/ an AP Photo) This guy looks like he's stoned.

ABC (w/ an AP photo) The obligatory shirtless guy ... Hell, even better, a shirtless guy who shaved a peace sign into his chest hair ... Yuck

MSNBC (w/ an AFP photo) Her riffed slogan makes you think of the real one ... it's not something you want to be thinking regarding Grannies.

CBS (w/ an AP photo) Of course ... the obligatory angry man who even has the peacenik next to him cringing.

New York Times (w/ a European Press Photo) WTF? The NYT doesn't have its own photographer that can take a better pic than a fuzzy one of the backs of people.

Well, it looks like the MSM has done its best to marginilize the march. So what's a liberal to do:

The Daily Kos had to turn to a DC Traffic Cam to get a picture of the crowd.

Macswain's College Football Picks

After blowing my pick last week, here are this week's nuggets:

USC will beat the 20.5 spread at Oregon; also with the over/under at 69, I would beat the OVER (that's my #1 bet this week).

Take the 3 points and Wisconsin against Michigan.

My heart wants to swee a great & even game between Notre Dame and Washington (and Ty & Charlie); however, my head says give the 11 points and bet on ND.

Take the 10.5 points and bet on Georgia Tech on the road against Va Tech. VT will win by 7.

Finally, I meant to include a pick on giving the 3.5 points and betting on Ohio State at home against Iowa, but I didn't get this post down in time and OSU is already up 17 ("Yeah, sure you did, Macswain").

There's five good picks to see if I can rebound from the 0-1 start.

BTW - Here's where I got my spreads.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Laura: "Stop, George."

Bush, who said he quit drinking the morning after his 40th birthday, has started boozing amid the Katrina catastrophe.

Family sources have told how the 59-year-old president was caught by First Lady Laura downing a shot of booze at their family ranch in Crawford, Texas, when he learned of the hurricane disaster.

His worried wife yelled at him: "Stop, George."

Heh ... it's the National Enquirer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Respect Due

The human rights cause has lost a great man with the passing of Simon Wiesenthal. He lived "Never Again" for all peoples.

God, I Love the Rightwing Blogs

The alternative title to this righty's post is Guess Which One Is The Camera Whore.

Okay, I'm A Sap, Too

Go look at the baby panda.

Aned if you're really interested in the plight of the pandas, you should read George B. Schaller's incredible book The Last Panda.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Starved": The Best Show on TV

The seven episode mini-season of FX's "Starved" ended last Thursday. I was going to write a review but it appears that one Christopher Scott Sarno has posted this review which perfectly captures my (& Mrs. Macswain's) feelings about the show.

The shorter version is that the show tracks the lives of four friends who've apparently met through an eating disorder group (a sick & twisted version of AA called "Belt Tighteners"). I initially winced at the concept but the character development is so well done that the show is both hilarious and heartbreaking. One of the funniest scenes to ever appear on TV occurs in episode 2 where a colonic goes horribly awry for the show's main character Sam [a description could never do this scene justice; it is a must-see gut buster].

Hopefully FX will run repeats in the next few weeks. I would encourage everybody to watch and to give it a couple of episodes as, again, its strength is the charater development.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bush Blinks on North Korea, Thank God

While the details are still sketchy, the reports I've seen have North Korea getting everything it wanted:

- A nonaggression pact and diplomatic ties
- A civilian nuclear program
- Heating oil & humanitarian food aid

Isn't this what the righties have been complaining of as appeasement? How is this any different than what we had under the Agreed Framework?

And since we are just getting back to where we started, why did we give North Korea three years without international inspectors to better their knowledge of nuclear weaponry?

Don't get me wrong. I'm very happy to get back to where we were under Clinton. At the time it was, and even now it is, the best of a number of imperfect positions re North Korea.

"At Least It Can't Get Any Worse" - Iraq Version

I just realized that following the Minnesota Vikings tumble is much like following the Iraq War. Once you can't inmagine it getting worse, it does.

Juan Cole has posted this stunning e-mail from an "an observer in Iraq" detailing how bad things have gotten in Baghdad recent days. It appears the insurgents control numerous neighborhoods and that the Jaafari government is warning people to just stay home.

Then there is the Billion Dollar theft from Iraq's Defence Ministry. (I wonder if Senator Joker (R MN) will be looking into this one).

And if you're looking to the South for solace ... forget it. Apparently the British are having to fight off the Iraqi police in Basra.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good News for Minnesota Vikings Fans!

Hey Vikings fans. Don't get down just because our mantra after week 1 - "At least, we can't play any worse than that" - took it on the chin this week.

Look for the silver lining, I say. Here are some of the positives:

1. The punter looks pretty good.

2. We "baited" the Bengals into committing 17 penalties and thereby limited the spread of defeat to just 29 points.

3. We don't have to worry about the grind of playing teams every week that have "set their sights on us" like the Patriots do.

4. USC is NOT on the schedule.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Macswain's College Football Pick of the Day

Florida State is favored by 2 on the road at Boston College. Take BC. In fact, I'm picking BC for the outright win.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Well, There's A Load Off

Bush will not raise taxes to pay for the Gulf Coast reconstruction.


The next generation will apparently have to pay for it.

WTF? I've got two kids.

But rest assured, the things we are paying for a simply wonderful ... like that $223 million Bridge to Nowhere that will connect the Alaska town of Ketchikan (Pop. 8,900) to the Island of Gravina (Pop. 50).

Oh thank god. We're building a bridge I'll never see, walk on or which will ever even be seen by anyone I'll meet.

Bush's NOLA Option No. 3: Buy My Way Out

After the failures of Operation Lie About It and Operation Smear the Locals, Bush apparently now has turned to Option No. 3 ... Operation Cronyism.

Does anybody truly believe these guys can efficiently manage this massive reconstruction effort? Let's look at some of their past spending efforts:

- Medicare Prescription Drug Plan - costs grossly exceeding the numbers provided to Congress due in large part to huge payouts to Drug companies.
- Iraqi Reconstruction - Billions of dollars that can't be accounted for.
- Missile Defense - Huge payouts to Bush benefactors yielding zero concrete results.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Lt. Frederick Fell & the California National Guard.

UPDATE: "...whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto Me." RobertInWisconsin has a great post up at DK about Edgar Hollingsworth.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Eyes Will Be In Your Womb ... Er, Uh ... I Mean Bedroom ... Er... Oh What the Hell, It's Both

BTW - I agree with Kevin Drum's assessment that this Roberts confirmation hearing is just one big kabuki dance. Robert's is giving just enough of a confusing song-and-dance to provide ass coverage for the socially liberal conservatives and conservative democrats who'll vote for him. All the while, every single person in the room really knows the guy will push an agenda of greater corporate freedom and less individual freedom.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Out of Touch - The Sequel

Bush continues to prove how out of touch he remains regarding the Katrina disaster as he spins the "media sid NOLA doidged a bullet" line TODAY. That bogus spin was thoroughly debunked last week after it was put forth by Chertoff and (most disturbingly) General Richard Myers. Johnny America has the breakdown on Bush's latest deception.

UPDATE at 11:08 am: Think Progress has more on Bush's deceptive spin today in New Orleans.

Out of Touch

Josh has the Washington Post's latest spin (via its hack-in-chief Howie Kurtz) on its printing of the false statement by an unnamed Senior Bush administration official that Louisiana Governor Blanco did not declare a State of Emergency.

Kurtz, of course, misses the big point. The excuse that the falsehood was not deliberate is inculpatory of the Bushies' incompetence on a whole other level. It suggests that the Bush White House was so out of touch that it did not even know of Blanco's declaration.

This actually makes sense given the narrative that is taking shape regarding BushCo's complete lack of caring and ancillary lack of awareness.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Snora Bora

Wow! Real journalism The NYT has an incredible piece detailing our failure to get Bin Laden at Tora Bora in December 2001.

Maybe if the media had actually covered BushCo's this incompetence before the election, we wouldn't be witnessing the incompetent response by FEMA to Katrina?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Texas & Notre Dame Nut Up Big Time!

Wow! The Texas-Ohio State matchup did not disappoint.

IMHO, the hardest thing in college football is to win a game on the road against a high quality opponent. Texas won this on smarts, determination & clutch play. We all knew Vince Young had tremendous skill, but tonight he proved he had the quality necessary of a great quarterback --- being able to lead your team down the field on a "must" fourth quarter drive. Yet, most important to Texas' win was its defense's ability to hold Ohio State out of the end zone forcing the Buckeyes to settle for field goals and, on a crucial, late drive to a long field goal attempt that just barely missed. The defense kept it a one-score game that always gave Texas hope and set the stage for Young's heroics.

On the other hand, OSU made the big mistakes down the stetch. Coach Tressel's decision to attempt a long field goal, instead of punting and giving his defense the benefit of a long field, was horrible. His delay in using OSU's last two timeouts cost the Buckeyes 15-20 seconds on the clock. Both OSU QBs got a chance after Texas' late touchdown with Zwick fumbling and Troy Smith going down in the end zone for a safety (though Zwick's error was by far worse given the particular circumstances of each situation).

Michigan & Iowa EXPOSED!!! The Irish amaze for the second week in a row taking Willingham's players and Weiss' coaching into Michigan for the big victory. I didn't see the game so I don't know whether Michigan's 10 points was more the result of great Irish defense or a crap Michigan offense. Anyone?

Iowa further embarrased the poll makers by getting their asses whipped by in-state rival Iowa State. OUCH!!!

Other Notes: How many huge errors did Marshall make in letting Kansas State escape with a 2 point win? I remember two turnovers inside the 5 yard line and truly one of the worst play calls ever --- a pass, which was intercepted, when Marshall was on KState's 20 with 8 seconds left; this when Marshall apparently has a solid kicker. Jeebus, just run a centering play, use your last timeout and take the solid shot at beating your big name opponent.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Man of Action

Gore airlifts Katrina victims out of New Orleans.

Fourth Circuit Reads Congress' AUMF Broadly As Authorizing Detention of US Citizens Seized in the U.S.

The right's efforts to fill the courts with rightwing ideaologues continues to payoff. The Fourth Circuit has just ruled in the Jose Padilla case that the President can detain even a U.S. Citizen seized in the United States pursuant to a broad reading of Congress' Authorization for Use of Military Force Joint Resolution (the "AUMF").

The Fourth Circuit reads the statute in a manner Congress did not have the courage to so state specifically and, in effect, provides coverage for conservative congressmen who may have desired this result but whom did not want to face the consequences at election time of having given the President explicit written authorization to detain U.S. citizens seized in the U.S., and not on a foreign battlefield.

The right, when it came to Civil Rights legislation, used to state that you do not search out congressional intent in broad and ambiguous language but simply put the onus back on Congress to make a more specific statement. However, as Fourth Circuit Judge Michael Luttig shows here ... it is really more of a result oriented effort than one based on principle.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Forgotten

It seems that the genocide in the Darfur is marching on. It appears that while the Bush administration has exerted some pressure on the Sudanese government to stop the atrocities through - what shall we call it - our "constructive engagement" policy, those efforts have failed to lead to the disarming of the Janjaweed and other militias associated with the Khartoum government much less bringing a halt to their murderous behavior.

The piece also contains a link to another piece analyzing the ominous signs of a potential genocide in Zimbabwe under the deplorable Robert Mugabe.

The echoes of Rwanda are all to reminiscient in the current U.S. media's silence on these existing and growing abuses.

Bush Still Had Time for a Lil Fishin' Though

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How NOLA Is Becoming Chernobyl

FEMA has finally gotten off its ass to ... ensure that the media is shut out of NOLA.

Last week, Bush treated New Orleans like some third world country; this week he treats it like the old Soviet Union.


Deamonte Love, Age 6. Here's his story.

In the chaos that was Causeway Boulevard, this group of refugees stood out: a 6-year-old boy walking down the road, holding a 5-month-old, surrounded by five toddlers who followed him around as if he were their leader.

They were holding hands. Three of the children were about 2 years old, and one was wearing only diapers. A 3-year-old girl, who wore colorful barrettes on the ends of her braids, had her 14-month-old brother in tow. The 6-year-old spoke for all of them, and he told rescuers his name was Deamonte Love.

The Atrocity: The Photos Tell the Story

Here's the Latest Photo of the Atrocities in NOLA:

Courtesy of FEMA.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Truly Independent Investigation Is Needed

Today we hear that Bush is playing to conduct an investigation himself regarding the adequacy of the governmental response to the Katrina disaster.

This is just the obvious attempt to set out the most extreme position before negotiating an investigation commission that is favorable to Bush. Bush takes a ridiculous position and negotiates down to a favorable position. The media then dopely goes along with the notion that Bush compromised so the investigation must be fair.

We saw this strategy work with some success regarding the 9/11 commission and with great success regarding the commission investigating the Iraq War intelligence failures.

But make no mistake, BushCo is in full spin mode and are seeking to game the investigation early. %The only question is whether the Deomcrats will once again let Bush get away with a bogus investigation or will they insist on a legitimate one.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oklahoma EXPOSED!!!

The first Saturday of college football season is usually filled with the major powers playing nonconference games at home against sandlot teams. Oklahoma and Nebraska for years mastered the art of "schedule manipulation" so as to limit their risk of a nonconference loss that would jeopardized their preordained opportunity at a national championship or BCS bowl.

With the Mountain West Conference gaining respect over the last few years (mostly at the expense of Pac 10 schools willing to live up to "home & away" deals), Oklahoma decided to stick its toe in against a MWC team to gain some nonconference cred. But of course, they tried to do it the Oklahoma way. They scheduled Texas Christian, a team that was 5-6 last year and didn't make a bowl. Ha Ha Ha

Except TCU didn't take kindly to their role as preordained, opening-day whipping boy and, instead, tagged Oklahoma with a 17-10 loss at Norman. Oklahoma has been EXPOSED as the first pretender to the crown. Heh

OTHER COLLEGE FOOTBALL: USC looked like a pro team in Hawaii (I'm a "me too" regarding USC) ... Tennessee looked shaky in its home win over UAB (I expected a great season for the Vols this year and am shocked by this crap performance) ... Hat tips to the teams that played truly competitive openers --- Georgia Tech and Auburn (both looked world class in the first half and sloppy & tired in the second); Boston College with a solid win at BYU; Notre Dame with a big win on the road in Pittsburgh; and Texas A&M for nutting up and going on the road for the 1 point, last second loss to Clemson (I appreciate the teams that take on the big challenges and will be rooting for the Ags against most of the other pussy teams that typically inhabit the Big 12).

SPEAKING OF GIVING PROPS TO ANOTHER BIG 12 TEAM: After Texas beat up on some Louisiana team this weekend (I think it was the Cajun band Beausoleil), who isn't looking forward to seeing them play in Ohio State next weekend? This is how you go about proving your the best team in the nation. Show us a tough nonconference win. Show us a big road win. No backdoors allowed!!!!

WaPo Buys Bush Administration Lies

The Bush Admin has turned from strategy No. 1 - claiming no one could have anticipated the Katrina tragedy - to strategy No. 2 - smearing local and state officials for the disaster in New Orleans. The Washington Post helped ride herd on this new line publishing this incredible statement yesterday:

As of Saturday, [Democratic Louisiana Governor] Blanco still had not declared a state of emergency, the senior Bush official said.

One problem. Turns out, it's not true.

So what corrective action will the WaPo take regarding this blatant lie and their own blatant incompetence in failing to check it before publishing it? Will they out the unnamed Bush administration source? Will they take any punitive action against the writers and editors that allowed this to go to press? If the last 5 years are any indication, I won't hold my breath.

Not only is this tragedy exposing Bush's incompetence, but it's also exposing the DC press corps willingness to print anything to suck up to the Bushies.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Deaths Due to Indifference, Not Hurricane

Remember in the days immediately following 9/11 how we were getting body counts and missing persons counts 24/7.

For some reason, we aren't getting that to the same extent with NOLA.

But, instead, it appears we will start getting that info bit by painful bit.

Here is a piece detailing a few tragic instances. What caught my eye in particular was the following:

Three babies died at the New Orleans Convention Center from heat exhaustion, said Mark Kyle, a medical relief provider.

These babies didn't die because of a hurrican or a breech in a levee. We could have saved them. Face it, they died due to an indifferent response from our government. This is inexcusable and for these three deaths alone, there needs to be accountability.

Did a single person die on 9/11 due to government indifference during the aftermath of the tragedy? Not one of which I'm aware. How did we actually get to the point where things are worse?

"Whores come faster with old men than FEMA is getting to NOLA."

The levee has been breached both literally and metaphorically. Read Steve Gilliard's incredible rant against Bush's incompetence here.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Jabbor Gibson - The Renegade Bus Driver.

O Dub's Got A Question

"In what world do we live in where Shepard Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Brian Williams, and Anderson Cooper can get in to people in need of help but the National Guard can’t?"


Kanye West Calls Out Bush on National TV: "George Bush doesn't car about black people."

Holy shit!!! George Bush's 4 1/2 year free pass has expired. His incompetence and, more, his nonchalance in the face of a massive human catstrophe have exposed his compassionate conservatism as being just so much BS.

Kanye West, first, says he'll put up (he will make a huge donation) and then he calls Bush's ass out.

You have to see it to get the true impact. Of course, the incomprable Crooks & Liars has the video (the download is a bit slow presumably due to the traffic it is drawing).

Apparently, NBC continues to do yeoman's work for Bush and censored West's statement out of its West Coast broadcast.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

FEMA Director: A True Sack of Shit

What do you do when you are the Director of an agency whose near complete lack of preparation and whose horrible performance is costing people's lives? Well, if you're a sack of shit like Michael Brown, you blame the victims as he didhere and with more here.

Fire Michael Brown & turn the reins over to James Lee Witt NOW!!!

UPDATE: I wanted to highlight the great comments to this post. jp adds some factual info re FEMA's failure of which I was unaware, an anonymous commenter provides a link to how FEMA is using this tragedy to pimp for Pat Robertson's charity and Nathan gave us an amazing link to a CNN story breaking down the myriad of Michael Brown's lies regarding this tragedy (it took blatant incompetence in the face of a mammoth disaster for CNN to final muster the nerve to do their job).